Five incredible tips to improve your productivity

The digital age has transformed the way we work. With this in mind I have prepared five tips to add some structure to your day, improve performance and help you retain the vaguest sense of work/life balance. 

1: Sleep

I find that by going to bed the night before work, I often wake having had some sleep. This can be invaluable, particularly if your job involves being awake or operating heavy machinery, like a staple gun or a Soda Stream. In order to get up on time I use an 'alarm'. Don't worry if you don't have a dedicated alarm clock, most smartphones come with them as standard.

2: Email

Email can sometimes be a distraction if you are trying to concentrate on a particular project. To get round this I send myself timed emails the night before telling me to stop looking at my inbox and to get on with work. The guilt works every time. If you have low self-esteem you can also send yourself the occasional compliment.

3: Work space

To ensure that my work space is conducive to high levels of productivity I often take pictures of my desk. Doing this gives me a sense that I am organised and something to share on Instagram (or use in blog posts about productivity). Don't forget to include at least one Apple logo in your picture and perhaps a quirky item to show the geeky side of your personality.

4: Nutrition

Being healthy in mind means being healthy in body too. A coffee can help kick-start your day, but from about 11 o’clock I recommend sticking to lukewarm water. Occasional snacks will give you an energy boost but they can also be fattening. If you are watching your weight I suggest buying a packet of peanuts, but rather than eating them, just lick them. This works especially well with dry or honey roasted nuts. For lunch, just stick to a peppered hot water soup.

5: Finally...

...don’t forget to stop. Overworking can be deadly. Tradition dictates that you should down tools at around 5:30pm but, in today’s age of flexible working, 5:37 is fine.

Daniel New