E3 and back again


It’s been a while, so I thought I would update this blog with a brief round-up of some recent adventures.

Last month I made another trip to Los Angeles to attend E3 2018, this time with friend and fellow Thumbsticks editor, Tom Baines. Covering E3 was as exhausting as always, but certainly a smidge easier, and a sight more enjoyable, with two. 

E3 seems to be in a perpetual state of transition. The public were in attendance once again, but once again there wasn’t a huge amount for them to see. Both Nintendo and Sony focused their booths around one game – Super Smash Bros and Spider-man, respectively – and Microsoft’s was dedicated to the Mixer streaming platform. 

I was most impressed by The Mix, an indie games event held away from the main expo. It took place on a fantastic rooftop venue, had some super tasty refreshments (thanks, TinyBuild) and featured an eclectic selection of indie games to try. At some stage we’ll highlight some of the best over at Thumbsticks.

The unfortunate truth is that the best place to cover E3 is probably from home. The press conference and video streams provide most of the content that any website needs to generate news coverage. That said, I hate passing up the opportunity to attend, and being there is an undoubtedly fun and memorable experience. 

Luckily for us, Josh Wise manned the Thumbcave while we were way, keeping on top of the news avalanche. But unfortunately for us, Josh is also moving on to become a full-time features writer a Videogamer. He’s been a huge asset to the site, and a good friend. I wish him all the best.

Because of these adventures, my time to play anything new has been somewhat limited. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention Hollow Knight and Lumines Remastered. Both games are truly excellent – for wildly different reasons – and both are available now on the Nintendo Switch.

In other news, I recently produced a website for DCD Recruitment, a new recruitment start-up based in Windsor, and a new podcast for MUFG Bank. I’m also plugging away on Nintendology, and a new website for Starbuck James. Hold on to your hats for that one.



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West of Loathing - Asymetric Games
Lumines Remastered - Resonair/Enhance
Hollow Knight - Team Cherry

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